Being An American Wedding Couple

Participating as a couple


We are looking for all kinds of couples to be featured over the next year and a half. If you are getting married and would be interested in being a part of this huge cultural project, please communicate with us.

Our goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible, thus Lisa Ann is traveling alone and will attend your wedding on her own. She will communicate with your image professionals and if they agree to provide images/video her image/video capture will be minimal. Because release forms will need to be signed – most images utilized in the articles and books will not include a lot of people. Lisa Ann will carry the release forms with her just in case there is someone who she really feels will be featured in the final articles. Her goal is to be as much a ‘fly on the wall’ as possible. The goal is to experience the wedding and share the story without being a part of the overall story.

Each of our featured couples will receive:

· State book featuring all articles written and brief descriptions of videos captured during the time in your state. The article about YOUR wedding will be the lead article.

· Final American Wedding Project book. Lisa Ann will personally sign and ship your copy directly to you. This book will be a compilation of the weddings documented throughout the American Wedding Project. The story line will be about the tour, what was learned, what was shared, and Lisa Ann will be working on a research project about the value of marriage in America while traveling – this research will be presented throughout the pages of this book.

· You will have advanced knowledge of the articles written about the two of you and the wedding. You will have the ability to request changes within a set period of time.


· Signed releases for use of images, video, and voices.

· List of hired wedding professionals and phone numbers. (We need releases from them as well – but we will take care of that.)

· That your wedding fall on the week or weekend we intend on being in your state.

· Your wedding does need to be a legal wedding.

If your wedding date doesn’t fit the week that we intend on being in your state you can still participate by providing us with images and a short story for the Facebook page. We will need signed releases for these stories as well, and if utilizing professional images we need to communicate with the photographer/video professional before utilizing the captures.



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