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Niagara Falls Winter 2018

Who, What, Where, Why & How

Who: LA Rox

What: The stories presented within this blog are personal in nature. 

Where: LA's life has been tangential in comparison to most and thus she has had mail delivered to her in eleven states and three countries. LA is about to embark on the traveling experience of a lifetime on a motorcycle level scooter to document a wedding in every state but this blog is about her thoughts, interactions with various people, and dialog on various topics while traveling the back-roads of America.

Why: Why not? Truth be told having a life threatening autoimmune disease has completely changed her perspective on life. There was a moment in which she knew she needed to make a decision to live loudly or give in and allow the disease to take over. She decided that as long as she can get on that motorbike, she needs to; ride, listen, write, share, document, teach, cry, hug, and hold closely as many people on this planet as she can.

How: a motor-scooter, tent, sleeping bag, backpack, computer, camera and the internet - what else does a 52 year old woman need?

Article links & description

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Mourning Hair - yep it explains it in the title. 

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Divergent - thoughts on life

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LA Rox Life - Introduction to the blog


  • 51 years old
  • Single
  • Never married
  • No children
  • Currently riding a 300CC Kymco Personal Scooter
  • Autoimmune disease: Pemphigus Vulgaris
  • Christian/Modified Catholic
  • Can be blunt and to the point
  • Loves to laugh
  • Thinks it's funny that you have actually read this much on this page!
  • Sends you love because you have read this much on this page!