For Wedding Professionals


If you are interested in being featured in the AmerIcan Wedding Project online magazine, your states soft cover book, and our newsletter, please contact us.

For Agricultural Endeavors


Content writing, blogs, product white papers, GAP writing, and basic marketing including website design.

Ghost Writing


Relevant content is vital for all businesses and especially to build quality SEO. We can provide interesting and tight content for your website, blog, or other marketing materials.

Family History Books


That box of photos in your closet is collecting dust and the stories behind the faces will soon be lost. This project can be modern stories or the back story of your family history. Final books are soft or hard cover and are easily reprinted for multiple people. Save the memories and share them for generations to come. 

Done With Crazy


My first book is available for early purchase. By pre-ordering not only will you get a signed copy of the book, but will receive PDF early releases of chapters. This book is about my personal life and how it lead to a life threatening autoimmune disease. It's like eavesdropping on a really good story.   Publishing date set May 1, 2018.

A Single(s) Step


Slated for publishment on June 1, 2018 

A Single(s) Step is a group of 12 essays on being over 40 and being okay with being single. 

This is a Christology based book and all pre-ordered books will receive a signed copy and early PDF chapters.

Speaking Services

Done With Crazy - the seminar


Done With Crazy the book is all about the perfect storm which created a physical atmosphere prepped for a severe autoimmune disease. Lisa Ann is comfortable sharing with people what she wished she knew and suggestions on how people can avoid the pitfalls of chronic autoimmune diseases.

Bible Study with a Twist


The Word doesn't have to be dry...if you are looking for a speaker for junior high, high school, retreats, or adults and you want someone who will relate the amazing stories of the Bible to our modern day needs please contact Lisa Ann. 

Singles Ministry


Looking for someone who can communicate and actually RELATE with the singles of your congregation? Lisa Ann could be just who your are looking for from Bible studies to practical daily advice especially looking at relationships, living single and being okay, and the blessing of living a single life in a world designed for the married.