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UB Dermatology has been conducting a research project that is not directly funded by pharma. This means that they are studying aspects of autoimmune disease that are not directly related to any drug manufacturing. (Continue reading below)


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This research utilizing blood samples from over 400 people with the disease I have, Pemphigus Vulgaris, is enhancing the knowledge base for additional autoimmune diseases and could help in finding new ways to treat or even prevent not only PV but other diseases that cripple lives and create financial disparity within our communities. 


Immune Research Donation

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Dr. Sinha and Dr. Seiffert have been doing cutting edge research on blistering autoimmune diseases, their current research will have far reaching impact into other B cell related autoimmune diseases.

With any major research project, funds are always tight. These two doctors along with Damian from Primary Care have been instrumental in getting Lisa Ann not only back on her feet health wise...but back on the bike to write.

Please consider a donation of $50 to help expand this research and help countless others struggling with autoimmune disease.

(If you would like to contribute more, please email Lisa Ann ... there is an easy way to make that happen!)

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supporting this project would be very much appreciated



The easiest way to support this project is to share the links to the individual stories or this web site. One of the most important things potential corporate sponsors look for are the number of people following, on the email list, and the stats of the number of times an article has been read. So by you sharing our posts you help tremendously. Thank you.


Couch Surfing

If you are willing to share a couch or extra bed please let me know...if your place is even remotely on route a safe place to stay would be highly  appreciated. Just hit the contact us and let Lisa Ann know!


Food 4 A Day

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Yes, I'm a really cheep date! I have my favorite protein shake mix with me and my Athletic Green shake mix so grabbing one main meal a day is really all I need to do while on the road. If you are willing to buy me a meal...that would be so very much appreciated. I will thank you profusely in a Facebook post and Instagram post! Thank you in advance! 


Rainy Night Motel Stay

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Rainy nights will happen and it would be nice to not be in a tent on those nights. If you are interested in helping me stay in a clean, warm room with a bed...I will be extremely grateful! 


BIG Donation

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Being on the road as a wondering traveler; finding the stories behind the stories, living out of a backpack, tent, and sleeping bag is a dream come true. Although most people would think this is not appropriate  for a 51 year old woman to be popping up a tent a rainy night at some random campground off the side road of a county highway this is where the story behind the story is found. There are tools and supplies that would make this journey lighter and more helping  make that  happen would be kindly appreciated. Thank you in advance  for even reading this far ~ a full story will be dedicated  to you on the road if you choose to help in this way. Enjoy the ride!

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