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Lanna Wing Photography of Buffalo WY captured this beautiful image in Sitting Bull State park.

Joshua & Chelsey planned an intimate camping weekend with Big Horn Mt. in the background.

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The American Wedding Project basic outline of what the plan is and how you can participate in this great adventure!


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During the winter of 2016 I got sick. It would take seven months, seven doctors, and losing over 70 pounds before I found myself in the office of Dr. Sinha and Dr. Seiffert

I have a super rare autoimmune disease and they have helped me not only stay alive, but have given me a chance to live my life well. I participated in a FDA drug study that helped get an FDA approval and currently am a part of the UB immunology study that Dr. Sinha and Seiffert lead. There are always wants and needs that these research projects can't fund through traditional sources. Thus I would like to help raise money for this project. It looks like their research is going to have impact in other autoimmune diseases that effect millions of people world wide. Please help by supporting.

Read the backstory by clicking here: Borrowed Time

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December 7, 2019 - Tonawanda Fire Hall

7:19 PM - Black Rock Zydeco music, food, fun, 50/50, Buffalo NY to Buffalo WY gallery show.